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December 11, 2006

Online Shopping Tips Continued

Sissy from "And What Next" has posted five tips for online shopping. I would like to add some of my own to that list....

Tip 6: Visit The Bargainist. They post current sales, coupons, freebies. I have been visiting this site for about two weeks and they have done well. That is how I found out about this. Another similiar site is ZeroDayDeals.com.

Tip 7: Shop through YUB.com. It is like getting reward points on your credit card without the credit card. You shop for stuff and if you buy something through the YUB.com link you earn points that can be used later. And it is not for lame retailers. They work with Target, CompUSA, HomeDepot, Dell, Apple and many more. I don't buy stuff just because I can through YUB, but if I was planning on spending the money anyway, might as well get some back.

Tip 8: Woot and Shnoop! These are sites that are pretty close in concept. They both put items up for sale for limited times and good prices. Even if you never buy anything, the decriptions from WOOT.com are funny. And Shnoop has good videos.

Tip 9: Amazon.com is offering more products from other retailers. This brings you a better selection and lower prices. Can't beat that!!!!

Tip 10: If you are looking to buy something you know little or nothing about, visit Epinions.com. You can find reviews for products from normal people. You may not be able to find them on the exact model, but you can look for similiar models to get a good idea.

Tip 10: Keep your eye on the shipping costs. This is where some retailers and e-bayers get you. Even with the cheaper prices it could still cost you more than what you can buy it for at your local store. Even if gas prices are high....

Tip 12: E-mail me with what you are looking for. I love to hunt down for the best deal. Really!!!

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Fisher Price Digital Camera (2 in blue). Good luck. I could have bought them in October what was still debating with my hubby to get one or two. Now? I can't find those things anywhere. Not at the price of $55 from Target. And Target is out.

Posted by: vw bug | December 11, 2006 05:56 AM


Tip 13: Visit Boddit.com

Once I started using it, I never turned back to anything else.

Btw, this site helped me find that fisher price digital camera I was buying for me. I caught it on the frontpage about five days ago.

Posted by: Vince | December 11, 2006 10:06 PM