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June 07, 2006

Sweet Dreams

My husband and I have slept on a waterbed that he brought to the marriage until about 9 months ago when it had a leak beyond repair. We have been married 11 years. For 9 months we slept on a blow up mattress, queen size. Do you remember that my husband is 6 foot 9? OK, so we he wanted to save up for a nice bed. OK, I can cope if he can cope. I tried not to make a big deal about it, but made a few comments here and there. Mostly joking, mostly not.

A few things have come into line and Saturday we bought a new mattress set.


I am in slumber bliss. This bed is firm yet has a soft pillow top. KING SIZE!!! And very high up. I have always wanted a bed you had to climb into. We have new sheets that are very good.

Right now I am in love with this bed. I realize the honeymoon may soon be over, but until then I look forward to bed time, I am working on my laptop on it, and using it every chance I get.

And I don't care if we spent to much on it. I don't care if my husband jabs back about the price and how it feels the same as the air mattress. Phewy on him. He is just being silly. How could he NOT love this bed?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

One more thing - the girls love the bed also. I was working earlier today and needed some quiet, but they just would not stay away. They wanted to run and jump UP on the bed and enjoy the softness. Weeeee!

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Nothing on earth is better than a comfortable bed.

Good for YOU!

; )

Posted by: Christina | June 8, 2006 07:26 PM


I am "down" with comfortable mattresses, too! Ok, Amy, read that one more time b/c there was a joke in there -- albeit cheeky. :)

Did you know that I'm moving back to FW? I'll see you in a few weeks or so! ;)

Posted by: Jeffrey | June 12, 2006 07:07 AM