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June 03, 2006

Tagged by CalTechGirl

I have been tagged for the other 5's meme by CalTechGirl. So here goes.....

5 things in my fridge....
- Cold cans of Extra Hot Rotel and various spicy sauces for the hubby. He eats rotel like salsa.
- Velvetta and rotel screaming out my name. My resistance will go down this evening, I am sure.
- Lemons for Oldest, she eats them like candy.
- Maple Syrup from the anti-In-Law's trip last fall.
- A mango to see if the girls like it. (They did, but I wish I had read this before I cut it up.)

5 things in my closet...
- 35% burnt orange clothing
- Christmas Decorations
- As you walk into the closet on the right is a wall space before the shelves start. It tended to collect junk, so I hung up two paintings. One of the view out my Grandparent's place in Arkansas. It is a snow scene with a blue tractor. Below that is a painting of my Dad holding me as a baby. Both were painted by my Aunt. I don't want to cover the pictures so I put stuff other places.
- Wrapping paper including the secret paper that only Santa Claus uses.
- A black cowboy hat that I wish my husband would wear more. (Hubba hubba)

5 items in my car....
I don't really have a car, WE have family cars.....
- Car seats that make the 4 door car really like a two seater
- A CD collection from Veggie Tales, Sam Cooke, Keith Urban, Queen, Meatloaf, Electric Light Orcestra and a few more.....
- A wide view mirror to see in the back seat. I really need one for both cars.
- Old parking tags for the Longhorn football games.
- A green stress ball (#2) that my husband uses when he drives. Heaven forbid he loses it!!!!

5 items in my purse....
- My makup since I put it on during the drive to work. Not when I am driving silly! My husband drives since we carpool.
- My digital camera
- I am testing out a bigger bag so I have all my paperwork, keys, change in a bank zip up bag. I usually carry a VERY small purse, but I found a burnt orange bag that is to die for!
- A mini bag with hair pick, mirror, lib balm, and fingernail clippers.
- A uncharged bluetooth headset for my blackberry. I never remember to keep it charged. Plus I feel like a geek wearing it. It is like the modern day pocket protector.

I am going to tag 5 people now and spread the silliness....

PrimoDonna (but I could probably do this one for her.....)

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Snicker... I already did it... will add you to the list!

Posted by: vw bug | June 6, 2006 07:37 PM