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February 25, 2005

My Opinion Roundup

I would like to post more on my take of current events, politics, controversial topics, but it just stresses me out. I usually see both sides of the story, don't feel I am knowledgeable enough to make a valid opinion, or I am scared someone will point out that I am wrong and I will look stupid. Ewww, I hate looking like an idiot!!! I have seen the vicious attacks and watched in amazement at the rudeness of people. Not that I don't want someone to give me another viewpoint. It just seems people don't go about it a nice way (for the most part).

That said, I am going to list below current items and my take on it. Mean comments will be deleted.

Terri Schiavo Case:
Listening yesterday to a radio talk show, I came to a revelation about this case and how it sits in my mind. The Judge, doctors, and her husband know that if she is taken off the feeding tube she will die. They have to know there will be some suffering. Even dogs, horses, and other animals are put to sleep so that they don't suffer. If I put a pillow over your face, I know you will suffocate and I would be prosecuted, even if you were brain damaged. How is removing the tube different?

Baby Jordan Case: Summary: A Dallas day-care worker left a child in a hot SUV, ending the 8-month-old boy's life. As of today, a jury is deliberating a decision.

I have no problem with Conrad Proctor being punished for what he did. He could get up to 20 years in jail. 6 months jail with parole and community service would suffice. But I would like to see some consistancy on how these cases are handled. Last year there were several cases where parents left their children in a car and they died from the heat. But charges were not filed against the parents. How can we hold parents less responsible for their own children?

I can't find any specific articles related to parents not being charged. All I can find are articles about the event without information of charges. Like this, this, or this. But the most informative one is here. Even this article stated it was hard to find information about these types of cases.

Kids And Cars is an organization working to prevent car related deaths. Maybe the parents and Conrad could do some community service for them.

Pizza Line Beating: "Pizza shop beating victim disturbed that no one helped him." Watch the video of the assualt here.

I am disturbed also, but I am not sure I would or could have done anything. The guys that stood watching could have stopped the beater if they had worked together. And if you notice even after the guy left, they did not help the victim. But now that I have seen something like this, I will have a harder time NOT doing anything if I was around.

My final topic is not related to a current event, but it's relevancy is always current if you are a parent.

Discipline: I stopped reading "Parents" magazine years ago, since it seemed to be full of viewpoints that I did not agree with. It still comes in the mail and my husband will read it every once in awhile. I always know that he is reading it because he starts with the humphs and gawfs of disbelief. He really does not agree with the Dad bashing and focus on Mothers and not Dad's. He thinks they should rename it to "Mothers" since it does not have any advice for Dads.

I don't believe there is a end all-be all-right way to discipline children. You should take into consideration your personality, your child's personality, and what you are comfortable with. Some parents do not want to spank. Some do. Some parents don't believe you should bribe your children. Some do. Etc, etc.....

That said, I am going to say that a method highlighted in their March Issue article, is NOT for me.

"Mom vs. Dad Discipline" Disagree with your spouse about how to deal when the kids won't behave? Here, four couples with clashing styles learn to work together and get better results.

The advice given to the first couple:

Punishing a small child for bad behavior doesn't teach him the proper way to act, says Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., author of Positive Discipline. In fact, it usually backfires, making a child feel rebellious -or, worse, inadequate. Instead of giving time-outs or withholding attention, the Goldenbers should try a hug. "Kids can't talk things out when they're upset, Dr. Nelsen says. "A hug isn't reqarding misbehavior - it helps the child reach a better state of mind. Once you're both calm, you can help him figure out a better solution."

So now time outs are off limits? I am very suspicious that the kids running amok are getting the above discipline. Parents should teach kids there are certain results of their actions. You do a good job, you get praise. You do something bad, you are punished. What is punishment in our house? Time out in chair, next to your bedroom. This usually works. If a spanking is next, they are warned. "If you do this again, I will spank you." It works for my kids and they are one of the best behaved kids in school. And at home. And in general. I think Jane Nelsen has some good advice for after the discipline takes place - ".....Once you're both calm, you can help him figure out a better solution."


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A visitor made this comment,
I know Amy. I know her husband. I know her kids...well. She and her husband do exactly as she says and her kids are some of the best behaved and well adjusted around. I don't hesitate for a moment to take them anywhere because I know they will behave like the little ladies they are. They are great parents.
comment added :: 26th February 2005, 00:15 GMT-06

Donna made this comment,
I know Amy and her family well too. I agree with Granny 100 percent Amy and Mark, keep up the good work. And thanks for being such loving parents at the same time.
Donna (aka Mom and Grandma)
comment added :: 27th February 2005, 14:19 GMT-06

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