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January 01, 2003


I have mucho fun helping people with their blogs, designing headers, and anything else they need help with. Many people have asked for a button to put on their site, but I was unsure about it. Part of me is embarassed by it. It seems like I would be bragging to much or seem like I am wanting attention. And maybe so, I do like to hear the nice things people say about the stuff I do. So I will go with it.

I was not really crazy about just putting my Blog name. Who would really know why the button was there? Then the other day I was "Complemented". The Complementer offers buttons for your website stating "I have been complemented." So I spun off of that with collaborate. It means "To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort. " And that is what I do. Not totally doing the site, but augmenting it.

So if I have helped with your blog and you want to give me credit, you can use the button below and link to this post.

If you have a blog that you want help with, email me. I would love to put together a header and section headers if you like. I now have WordPress and MovableType under my belt, so if you want site design help, let me know. I don't want to turn this into a business, since it takes away the fun. But if I ever do, you will be helping me with my "portfolio".

Listed below are blogs that I have helped with.

Listed below are blogs that I have helped with.

View from the Pew: Took existing picture of pew and worked it in with the blue color, name of blog, and verse.

April Fool: Put together the OZ graphic under Becky's Blog title.

PrimoDonna: This is my Mom's blog. She did most of it with me looking over her shoulder.

And What Next: I was able to help Sissy out with quite a bit. She let me learn Moveable Type. I did the header, section headers, helped with the background, and some of the look and feel.

Rocket Jones: Submitted banners for his contest. Did not win, but he still rotates them in.

Blog Cruiser: Both banners from me. I sent him some samples and he took them as is.

Inside Allan's Mind: Banner from me. Not currently up, but I will post a link to the banner shortly.

One Happy Dog Speaks: Graphics by me, with some help from my anti-MIL.

She Who Will Be Obeyed: Entire blog re-do by me! Woo hooo, it was so fun!

Pull My Finger: Entire blog re-do by me, again! This is a very simple design, but it fits the blogger.....

NEW!! Faith and Theology: Took a simple template, added graphics, and modified colors.

The header graphic for Pew Cast, the podcasting site for View from the Pew.

Have a few still in the works.

last update 8/30/2005

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