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January 01, 2003

About Me!

What? Amy, chic, wife of a University of Texas football fanatic and the smartest man on earth, mother of two beautiful girls, worker of the Computer Support industry, lover of music, reading, and people. Not a nerd, but I was in a former life.

Where? I grew up an Army Brat. Born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, then to Fort Hood, TX, on to Frankfurt, Germany, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and then back to Fort Hood, TX. Moved to Fort Worth to further my education. (Not really, it was purely love.) I have lived the longest in my current house - 6 years.

When? 33 years and counting.

Why? Blogging is cool. I love sharing with people. I also want to be able to read my blog years from now and see how I have changed. And to document the Texas Football games I attend.

Why call my blog Prochein Amy? All of my nicknames or pet names do not really apply to me now and I was sick of them. So I did a search on dictionary.com for amy. I found the entry for Prochein ami. Hey, that's me! Your next friend. And why does it apply? Honestly, I am way too nice. People who know me, know that if you don't get along with me and I am unable to get along with you, you don't get along with anybody!! (Well maybe someone, but not very many.)

\Pro"chein\, a. [F. prochain, fr. L. (assumed) proximanus, fr. proximus.] Next; nearest.
Prochein ami or amy(Law), the next friend. See under Next.

How do I blog? By typing. (OK, smarty answer, but I did not know what else to say.)

Update (5/05): I have given my Mom the ability to post, so every once in awhile you will see one from her (Donna). She now has her own blog at http://primodonna@blog-city.com.

In the extended entry is 100 Things About Me!

1. I am very nice.
2. I gain much pleasure when I help others. Almost like a high.
3. I had my belly pierce when I was 25. I did it just for me.
4. My belly piercing made it through two pregnancies.
5. I was in Girl Scouts all the way through high school and earned the Girl Scout Gold Award (the equivalent of the Eagle Scout Award)
6. When it comes to work, I am good at anything I do.
7. When it comes to housework, I do enough to get by.
8. If I could afford it monetarily and weight wise, I would eat out every day.
9. I avoid revolving doors.
10. I love to rollerblade, but feel too old to do it.
11. I am very frugal and like to brag about how much money I save.
12. I would rather work with men than women. Women can be petty and back-stabbing.
13. I tear my nails.
14. I liked being an Army brat and miss moving around.
15. I like being established and knowing people.
16. I like my Mom, Dad, and brother.
17. I like my In-laws.
18. I do not like eggs and milk.
19. I like leftovers – even better if they are for breakfast.
20. Even better if leftovers are cold. Yes, chili, spaghetti, pizza, you name it.
21. I like to eat Chef-boy-re-Dee out of the can. Room temperature.
22. I take Zoloft.
23. I am double jointed in all my fingers and can balance coins in my knuckles. (I will take a picture of this someday.)
24. I love computer and computer related work.
25. I like movies that make me cry. I do not like scary movies.
26. I have a younger brother that lives about 10 miles from my house. But I only see him when my parents come into town.
27. I have curly hair.
28. I wore a nylon rope around my ankle all through junior high and high school. I never took it off. I told everyone it was a friendship rope, but I can't even remember the girl I traded with. I got really good at putting on pantyhose under it.
29. I did not like the color pink until I had two girls.
30. I love spicy food.
31. I never graduated from college. I worked full time while going to school and burned myself out.
32. I worked at 7-11 when I was in junior college. The night shift. Alone. I can't believe my parents let me.
33. Since 7-11 gives you free fountain drinks while you are working and I worked the night shift alone, I became a very fast pee-er. I would wait until the store was empty, look to see if any cars were coming, run to the bathroom while unzipping my pants, do my business, pull up my pants as I walked back to the front. And then wash my hands in the sink at the main counter.
34. In high school I was an Assistant Manager for Baskin-Robbins. I learned how to decorate ice cream cakes. I would get to wear a big parka in the freezer to take stock of the ice cream. Then I decided what we needed to order. That was so cool to do as a high schooler!
35. I graduated high school in Hawaii. It was really cool.
36. If I had the opportunity to go back through high school knowing what I know now, I would do it in a heart beat.
37. I have high arches on my feet. It makes putting on boots my size almost impossible.
38. I can talk to anybody. I like talking to everybody.
39. I am left handed.
40. When I was younger I wanted to be Krystal Gail and marry Kenny Rogers.
41. I would still like to be a Country star.
42. I like tequila
43. I thought I would die when I was 21. Until I turned 22.
44. I fear burning. My Aunt and Uncle were in a fire and I would not want to go through what they did.
45. I like sweet ice tea. None of this fruity fu-fu stuff. In a big glass.
46. I have been doing the Weight Watcher's program for over a year and lost 30 lbs.
47. I like to cook if it is easy. Baking in not easy since you have to be precise. Bleh to precision.
48. My hobby now is blogging.
49. I am addicted to reading. So much so, that I do not pick up books that often. Once I start reading anything, I can't put it down.
50. I still love to color in coloring books.
51. The smell of Play Doh makes me sick.
52. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies.
53. I loved being pregnant.
54. If I could not wear contacts or glasses, I would be legally blind. Lasik surgery would not give me 20/20 vision, only make my eyesight better. Thankfully I live in this current day and age.
55. I did not pay attention the day we learned how to tell time and had to teach myself.
56. I say "Wow", "Cool", "This is so exciting!" way to much. How do I know? My girls say the same thing all the time.
57. I like the word "chic"
58. My Dad gave me a good sense of humor.
59. My Mom gave me a sense of strength.
60. I could eat Mexican food every day.
61. I only smoked cigarettes twice. 3 puffs each.
62. I have never done any illegal drugs.
63. I hate not being in control.
64. I like to drive a stick shift.
65. I like kid's movies.
66. I color my own hair. I once paid $45 for a professional job and ended up with purple hair. I can mess up my own hair for $6 a whack. In the 10 years since, I have only messed up once and it was fixable.
67. I never color my hair the same color in a row. I go with whatever is on sale, what my mood is and stay in the dark blonde to brown range. Most of the time my husband can't tell the difference.
68. I love to "Google" shop. Tell me you are looking for a particular item, I love to research the product, find reviews, and then find the best deal.
69. I have never found a perfume I like. I am not even crazy about scented lotions.
70. I look good in burnt orange. Since I am a Texas fan, this is a good thing.
71. I absorb information like a sponge, if I put my mind to it.
72. My best features are my eyes and my boobs.
73. I could never understand why people are crazy about celebrities.
74. I knew marriage would not be easy, but did not realize it would be so hard.
75. I met my husband on-line via a BBS (Bulletin Board System). That was how geeks communicated before the internet. Instead of dialing into the internet, you would dial into someone else's computer. It was dos based, so not very user friendly. But a great way to meet guys. (Good fodder for future posts.)
76. I like to doodle during meetings. I still write my husband's name or Amy loves Mark or Mark loves Amy. With hearts and flowers. (sigh)
77. I have the ability to work with extremely difficult people.
78. I am drained by working with extremely difficult people.
79. I like to peel sun burned skin.
80. I have never broken a bone.
81. The first time I stayed in a hospital was my first daughter's birth.
82. I like coordinating things. OK, I am very bossy.
83. I have a hard time verbalizing positive things about myself.
84. I like to hug.
85. I deal with many problems with avoidance.
86. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for laziness.
87. I enjoy talking about politics.
88. Sometimes I wish I was ignorant of politics and current events.
89. I do not appreciate the pressure to breastfeed.
90. I do not appreciate the pressure to be a stay at home mother.
91. I do not appreciate myself for letting the pressure get to me.
92. I do not like messing up.
93. If I could get away with a shaved head, I would. Guys are so lucky in that aspect.
94. I used to collect napkins like people collect magnets or matchbooks. Napkins we good because they were free and some even had the cities on them.
95. I used to collect stickers.
96. I don't like going to the movies. People can be so rude.
97. I have only been to one rock concert, Winger. But I don't think it counts since it was in a gym.
98. Ever since I did technical support, I am not crazy about talking on the phone. I avoid the drive through also. Face to face communication, baby!!
99. We planned our second child around the college football season.
100. We did not plan our first, but were lucky and only missed a Bowl Game.

Comments from my original blog:

A visitor made this comment,
I think it's a great blog name. And don't be ashamed of your nerdiness. Some of my best friends were nerds, before I dumped them for jocks.
Simon [simon@simonworld.mu.nu]

comment added :: 14th July 2004, 03:51 GMT-06
A visitor made this comment,
Interesting comments today. Though, I have a different perspective on wealth. I was once monetarily rich--but a "Series of Unfortunate Events" stripped me of everything. For a time, I even had to live off of welfare. Today, I am no longer impoverished, but neither could I declare myself "rich." Over the years, I discovered--at least in my experience--that the happiness, comfort and security my money afforded me was all only illusory. To a degree, I am grateful for the bankruptcy because it is when my eyes were opened and I began to really live. I say this not to negate your comments--just to say that the cliche can sometimes also be true: money doesn't always buy happiness.
Scott [calvin5@iowatelecom.net]

comment added :: 25th December 2004, 22:26 GMT-06
A visitor made this comment,
Wow, you are freaking awesome. We've got tons in common. I have a feeling you are going to be a blast to blog with!!
Sissy [sissy2124@hotmail.com]

comment added :: 20th February 2005, 19:42 GMT-06
A visitor made this comment,
Whoo-hoo -- go Hawaii! I love reading these lists and see what quirky things I have in common with people, like hating the smell of Play-Doh or the fact you'd eat out every night if you could. Great list. I do remember your curly hair, but hard to tell if it was permed, given the time frame (mine was about 6 inches in diameter).
Becky [beckypretz@hawaii.rr.com]

comment added :: 12th May 2005, 17:53 GMT-06
Flower Sue made this comment,
Wow! Cool! Groovy! Bad to the bone! Sweet! You are your aunt's niece. I feel the same about 14 and 15. I enjoy your blog when I can understand it. Love to all, your mother's womb mate.

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