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January 13, 2008

Kinda Goes Along With the Whole Theme Here.

As a refresher from my bio:

Why call my blog Prochein Amy? All of my nicknames or pet names do not really apply to me now and I was sick of them. So I did a search on dictionary.com for amy. I found the entry for Prochein ami. Hey, that's me! Your next friend. And why does it apply? Honestly, I am way too nice. People who know me, know that if you don't get along with me and I am unable to get along with you, you don't get along with anybody!! (Well maybe someone, but not very many.)

\Pro"chein\, a. [F. prochain, fr. L. (assumed) proximanus, fr. proximus.] Next; nearest.
Prochein ami or amy(Law), the next friend. See under Next.

Quiz found here.

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