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March 17, 2007

JACK ARMYís "A Day in the LifeĒ of My FOB

A chaptered story told on many blogs starts here and continues here:

Chapter Eight: Dinner

Dinner can be an adventure, at least for me. In case you didnít notice, I didnít get this skinny by not eating! So, I look forward to a good meal. What is unfortunate, in my opinion, is that there are a few meals that the Army serves that are just not that delicious. For example, General Tsoís Chicken seems more like Corporal Tsoís Rubber Chunks to me, so I wonít eat it. Iím not a big fan of the shimp scampy with bowtie pastaÖ leaves an aftertaste that lasts and lasts.

Having said that, there are a couple of meals that I look forward to, such as roast beef or roast chicken, both excellent dishes. We also have plenty of extries as well. You know, stuff like chips, power bars, trail mix and jerky treats. There are plenty of sodas, water, milk and juices as well. Some days, we are a little skimpy on something if it has run out or if we didnít get enough on the last CLP (pronounced ďclipĒ Ė Combat Logistics Patrol). But thatís not that big a deal since thereís plenty of other stuff to go around.

Then thereís all the stuff guys get in care packages. We have a table set up in the Dining Facility for stuff that guys donít want or was sent to share. When we first set up the table, we had to chase off the local interpreters because they went hog wild over that stuff and the Soldiers werenít getting much. As soon as they realized that there was enough to go around and there was a steady supply, they settled down.

One of the best things about dinner, though, is the company. It is nice to sit down, eat leisurely, and laugh and joke with the guys. Sometimes, itís a bitch session and we get all whiny about something or other, but mostly itís jokes and laughter, guys telling war stories about their last deployment or things done in years past.

I donít tell many stories, though, especially on baked chicken night.

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