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January 22, 2007

Not even packing

Xavier has tagged me for a meme. I feel special since I am the only one tagged not packing a gun!

The meme is to share five off the wall, strange, unusual or just little-known facts about yourself. My 100 things about me probably covered the most obvious, so I will have to think hard for 5 more*.

1. I will get my Concealed Handgun License before I die. The main reason I read Xavier's blog is to learn about guns, so that when I do, I will have some knowledge. Plus, maybe I will be able to solicit some advice when I go to buy my first gun.

2. I know how to crochet. My Mom taught me over the 4th of July weekend last year. I have made several hats, purses, and one cute little creature. I am currently working on a sweater. I can not believe how much I enjoy it. After buying a book on stiches, I can take a basic pattern and do it anyway I want. I like that once I get the basic pattern down, I am not limited to just that.

3. I like watching Hannah Montana. GAH!

4. Do you remember the episode when Jerry Sienfeld dated a woman who had "man hands"? Well, I have man wrists. My wrists look horrible with watches on. Braclets are OK, but still don't look the greatest to me.

5. I am struggling on this last one, so I am going to pull from my last post. With blogging, you don't get to hear people. The tone in their voice, their accents, phases they use. And you can't hear their laughing. And that is one thing I do and do well. I laugh at most anything. I laugh when I am happy. I laugh when I am uncomfortable. I laugh.

Now for the tagging. I am going to pick newbies to my blogroll except for my Mom! And three is enough.

Fat Doctor
Jack Army

*I started this post 5 days ago!

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