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October 28, 2006

What's up with dat?

I am a fan of Keith Urban. His music and lyrics are great. He is a very positive singer and good looking to boot.

Keith Urban is one of my "friends" on myspace.com. Ya, ya, I have a space on myspace! Just trying to be hip and keep up with the times. Plus, it helped me to find a few high school buddies. But about Keith being my "friend".....

It is a farce! You know those websites that offer you a free Ipod if you sign up for 20 offers and get 20 friends to do the same? Ya, those scams. Well, now Keith Urban is part of it!!! "He" sent me an invite to one of his concerts and said that if I was one of the first 500 to accept, I would get free tickets. Ya, after I do 20 offers!!!! Jeez.

And the plot thickens even more... How can he send me an invite if he is in rehab? I guess he needs the money from the offer scams to pay for rehab.... Now I have to decide if I am going to take him off my friend list on myspace.com.

Update: Another Keith fan left a comment saying the Keith Urban does not have a myspace account. The plot thickens! Need to check into this more...

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I am a member of keith's fan club. Last year, I think it may have been in Nov, they posted a message from Keith saying that he didn't have a myspace account. So, unless things have changed, that was a bogus offer and a poser that "friended" you.

Posted by: Debb Harrison | October 29, 2006 05:34 AM