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July 11, 2006

I win!!!!

I win!!!!! From Shawn Lee about the Carnival of Recipes:

Next week the Carnival will be hosted by Trub. The Sediment of Life.: http://trub.blogspot.com. Trub gets the great honor of hosting our 100th anniversary celebration. Amy from Prochein Amy made the only suggestion for the anniversary - to submit your favorite recipe made from the Carnival - and since hers was the only one, she wins. (Yeah, Amy!) ;) If you remember, let us know whose recipe it was and any modifications you made. If no Carnival recipe springs to mind, feel free to just post your personal favorite recipe. The one that you look forward to making - and eating - yourself.

You can send recipes or links to recipe.carnival@gmail.com by noon CST on Saturday.

I have to dig up my favorite. Do you have one?

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Wow! But I always knew you were a winner!

Posted by: PrimoDonna | July 11, 2006 06:24 AM