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May 25, 2006


Today Kyle told me about lala.com.

Lala.com, which has $9 million in venture backing from Bain Capital Ventures and Ignition Partners, presents itself as an online music co-op that allows members to trade in CDs in exchange for those they want from others. Those who want to obtain the used CDs must be willing to trade CDs from their own collection. Members pay $1, plus 49 cents in postage.

But the site is more than a CD swap meet. Consumers will also have the option of buying new CDs, and, eventually, digital music. Members are encouraged to write reviews of CDs and join an online community of like-minded music lovers.

Based on a member's music tastes -- music listed in their catalogs and want lists -- Lala.com will provide music suggestions gleaned from others who like similar bands.

Bajarin does not think the music industry will like the idea. Though Lala.com encourages members not to keep digital copies of the CDs they trade, there is no way to enforce that.

Full article here.

Here is what lala says about their company. I am not going to quote it here since the whole letter is worth reading. I like what he says, but wonder how long it will take for a lawsuit to be filed.

If the music industry would come down on their prices and get up to date with the how people are listening/getting/wanting music, they would not have to see companies like these as enemies.

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