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May 15, 2006

Character Dissection


One of the girl's favorite cartoons is The Emperor's New School. There is one character that is leaving my husband and I stumped. We can not figure out Kronk. He works with Yzma to get Kusco to fail school, but then at times it seems like he is helping Kusco. Is he evil? Is he a bad guy? Is he torn in his role of badness?

Take for example this episode: "When Kuzco and Kronk see Malina as a rebel, they know they want Malina back to the old Malina, so they steal Yzma's "girl" potion and transform themselves into girls, so they think they can solve the problem." Does that sound like Kronk is a bad guy? He is not helping Kusco, but he is still being a nice guy. Doesn't seem he is evil to me.

I did some research on the web and realized I may be at a disadvantage since I have not seen "The Emperor's New Groove", but the show summary states that his is on Yzma's side and she planted him in the school as a student to help her get Kusco to fail.

Any thoughts from others who watch the show? Am I crazy for wanted to know the dynamics of a cartoon?

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That is weird. Much has changed since I was that age!

Posted by: MICHAEL MANNING | May 15, 2006 02:09 PM