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April 30, 2006

More on driving and cell phones

About a week after I posted this, a study came out on the dangers of multi-tasking and driving. You can read more about it in RofaSix's post and Part-n-Pieces.

Becky also commented on this same thing in her post - that other things are just as dangerous as cell phones. I agree but I see cell phone usage more. I have seen people reading books, hitting passengers, trying to get something off the floor, and putting on makeup. But for every one time I see something like this, I see cellin' 20 times. Based on the WSJ in Rofa's post, the study also agrees:

Fiddling with a "wireless device," usually a mobile phone, was by far the biggest contributor to near-crashes and evasive-maneuver incidents. Talking on a cellphone was blamed for 466 bad driving incidents, and more than 35 near-misses. Dialing a hand-held cellphone was linked to 87 incidents of erratic driving.

Banning cell phone use while driving would not solve all distractions, but it would take care of the majority. And maybe I can sleep better while my husband drives us to work.....

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