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April 23, 2006

Car Buying

By no means am I a car buying expert. I have only purchased 5 in my lifetime. Most purchased when I really needed them, so I lost some bargaining power. Plus, I did not know what I was doing. I have a friend who buys cars over the phone. He looks at the cars on Sundays when the dealers are gone, researches the price online (here and here) and then calls all the dealers in the area until one is willing to beat his price. Good thing about this is you don't have to deal with them face to face and can say "No" very easy. Even better if you can go test driving and say no when you are at the dealers.

My husband is very good at buying cars also. He knew exactly what he wanted to pay for our blue car. We had it special ordered so he knew the dealership had not lost any money on it sitting on the lot. Plus it was a Focus Wagon with a stick shift. Who would want that? (We may be the only ones, but we needed the "umph" for highway driving.) When we went to pick it up my husband prepared me. Since he knows me very well.

"No matter what happens, even if we have to walk out, DO NOT CRY!!!"

Luckily we did not get to that point and they took my husband's price. Whew!

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Luckily both my husband and I can be good negotiators... but usually not when we are together. But we did well on buying my van.

Posted by: vw bug | April 24, 2006 08:25 AM