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March 10, 2006

Quiz Around the Blogosphere

I decided to take a quiz since some of my favorite bloggers had. I thought I might get similiar results to CalTech Girl, Bou, and VW since I tend to take lead roles in job and other things. Scanning through their results and mine, it seem you have to be adventerous and willing to try new things to be a leader. Hmmm...

I ended up with.....

I can see that. I love telling people they are doing great. It also mentioned that I can be direct. People quickly learn that I tell it like it is. Mostly tactfully.

I noticed an interesting thing between the four of us. We all were very high in Confidence, Trust in Others, Earthy/Imagnative, and Agency. I cut and pasted the definition of these term below:

How confident you are about expressing your opinions and accomplishing things.

Trust in Others
The general faith you have in other people; how much you think people are good at heart.

Your prefererence for concrete or abstract things. Low means you prefer abstract, theoretical things. High means you prefer detail-oriented, practical things.

How much you believe you determine your own outcomes. High means you believe that you have control over your life. Low means you believe that other factors—such as chance, fate, and powerful others—influence your life.

I thought that was interesting, mostly on the Agency. I was not surprised with all the rest of them since it comes across in their blogging. But Agency? I don't think that is something easily conveyed in blogging. Unless you really think about what they mean by agency. Why would they use that term? Agency defined in the dictionary is not a direct correlation, but when you put both definitions together, it makes sense. I can see how Bou, VW, and CalTechGirl have affected their own outcomes. Is this a pattern of cool blogger chics?

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