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January 26, 2006

Cause I'm Joiner

This meme is going around and I have seen it everywhere. And since I have no good blog fodder, I will participate. This will be my only meme this year except for Blogcess!

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life:
Clerk at Baskin Robbins
Clerk at Seven-Eleven
Employment Interviewer
Computer Support

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over and Have:
The Iron Man
Pretty Woman
Usual Suspects
Batman - The Beginning

Four Places I have Lived:

Four TV Shows I love to Watch
(These shows powered by TIVO!!!)
American Idol (yikes! I love it!)
Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

Four Places I have been on Vacation
Wine Country
Martha's Vineyard
Hawaii (all the islands)

Four Websites I visit Daily ( I forgot to change Bou's answers originally)
My Blog to check.....
the most recently updated on my blogroll

Four Favorite Foods:
Velvetta with Rotel and beef with chips
40 Cloves of Garlic with a Chicken
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Mixed together like soft serve.
Mexican food. This covers nachos, chalupas, burritos, etc. All of it. I could eat it every day.

Four Places I would rather be right now:
In bed asleep
A road trip with my family

This one was really hard. I have many vacation spots if that is what they are talking about, but nothing really comes to mind. I am just happy where I am. (wow!)

Four People I'm going to Tag
I won't tag anyone but here are the people I joined:
CalTechGirl, Bou, Sissy, VW, Napster, 3T, and Lisamichelle.

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