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December 24, 2005

It's Blogcess #30

Again brought to you the one and only meme endorsed by Prochein Amy. One of the reasons I like it is no tagging...just linky love!!! Here we go, Blogcess #30!

Over the past week I've noticed more and more people have their houses decorated for Christmas. I love to decorate – - this week's "It's Blogcess" is about decorating for the holidays.

1) Do you agree with the phrase – - The more lights the better?


2) If you answered yes, why? If you answered no, why?

I like simple and easy. Leaning more towards the easy!

3) When did you put up your Christmas tree?

We put our tree up the 2nd Saturday in December. We have no set date, just as our schedule and my anti-Father In Law permits since we need his truck to pick up the tree.

4) The final touch to any Christmas tree is the topper – - What do you put on the top of your tree?

We have a star that is just like one my husband had growing up. He found one two years ago on eBay and mostly paid for the sentimental value.

5) Time to spread some "Blogcess" linky love. Here are a few blogs full of holiday cheer:

Rocket Jones

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