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December 14, 2005

It's Blogcess #29 - Uh, where is everyone?

Not many fans this week of Uptown Girl's topic for Blogcess. But since this is the one and only meme endorsed by this blog, I'm game. But I can certainly understand the lack of participation. As I read over the questions, I realize that I really don't know how I feel about the death penalty. I am split on the whole thing. I know people should be accountable for what they do, but they should also be forgiven. So with this week's meme, I am going to put my logic hat on and try to keep my emotions out of my answers.


Over the past week or so there has been so much in the news about Stanley "Tookie" Williams and whether he should be executed or not. We now know he was executed last night and it brought up some interesting questions. (at least I think it did) This week's "It's Blogcess" is about your opinion on executions.

1) Was justice served by executing Stanley "Tookie" Williams? Yes.

2) Why or why not? Your actions have repercussions. People have to be held accountable for what they do.

3) What message do you think his execution sends to the masses? It is wrong to kill someone and you will be punished.

4) Do you support capital punishment across the board or just in specific cases? Explain. I don't know enough about capital punishment to answer this question. The system is not perfect and as long as humans are invovled there will be mistakes and wrong doings. But thinking of other ways it could work, we have it pretty good. We get a trial, our laws are general applied to all, and our fates are not decided by one ruler, dictator, or regime.

5) Do you think it should take years to execute an inmate on death row? I think this is a good compromise. It gives plenty of time to make sure they are guilty, thus placating the liberal leaners. Yet the end result is the same.

6) If you could change the laws surrounding prisoner executions – - what would it or they be? I have little clue when it comes to this also.

7) Time to spread some "Blogcess" links. Here are a few of my favorite political blogs:

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oh Amy you played! :)

I think your responses are really good and bring up yet more questions - - much like yourself I find these tough questions and ones that deserve much thought. It is a heavy topic for It's Blogcess - - maybe because as you mentioned people are split on the death penalty.

Thanks, as always, for taking part :)

Posted by: Reilly | December 15, 2005 08:51 AM