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November 21, 2005

Feedback Please

For the past month or so, I tried to get a side business going. I did not put much into it and things out of my control helped it fizzle out. I am looking to make just a few extra dollars to fund getting my nails done on a regular basis and paying for Weight Watcher meetings.

And I keep coming back to blog design. I am working on someone's site now who mentioned I should make it a business. Since I can't do it full time and would find it somewhat difficult to deal with alot of volume and hard deadlines, I was thinking of going with the "cheap pricing but you get it when it is done" business model. Not that it would take 3 months to get a design done, but if something comes up with my family and day job, it will come first.

My pricing would be something like this:

$ 25: Basic Blog: Includes graphics, section headers, basic template customization
$ 15: Graphics only: Headers and section headers
$ 10: Header Only
I would offer additional services like install plugins, major cutomization, or anything special at rates similiar to above depending on the task.

Looking at other blogs designers, their services range from $50 to $200. I also don't think I am at the level to charge those prices. Not yet! But my target is the casual blogger who just wants a nice blog that is personal.

What do you think? Would you consider it cheap? To those I have worked on before, would you have paid the prices above or just dealt with the blog you had? Any feedback would be appreciated!

Note to those bloggers I am currently helping, don't worry, I won't ask for money. Just mulling it over.

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I thought you should have done this a long time ago!

Posted by: Sissy | November 23, 2005 09:26 PM


Hi Amy. Personally, I would have happily paid these prices for your work on my blog, and I would have considered it a real bargain. So I reckon it's an excellent idea. Let me know if you decide to go ahead with this as a business venture, and I'll give it a plug on my blog.

Posted by: Ben Myers | November 27, 2005 07:19 PM