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October 21, 2005


All of my Tech fan co-workers are possessed when it comes to rooting for their team. Normal they are all nice, but when the say the phrase "Go Tech!"or anything similar, it is like an evil spirit has taken over them and they are spitting it out hatefully. And this Friday is the first time I have seen any of them wear Tech related clothing. Oh please, Texas, please win! I don't want to have to face these people on Monday.

Did you know that someone passing you on the left will make you go 15 mph faster? Yes, you will be plugging along at 75 mph but as soon as someone tries to pass you on the right, you speed up to 90. It is an amazing, but I have seen it happen enough to know that it is real. Gotta be a name for this.... Speed-zilla? Lead-zilla?

And the Tech fans are Tech-zillas!

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