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October 07, 2005

Speedy-Mini Bloggy Meetup

With planning, yesterday Sissy drove from Atlanta, GA to Fort Worth on her way to Arizona. She called when she was in Dallas thinking she was real close, but she had to go to Fort Worth. So if she tells you she drives fast and average 80 mph, believe her!

Since it was way past the girls dinner time we went on to the restaurant and Sissy arrived later. I kept watching the door, thinking of her post about her short haircut. So I am looking for a chic with blondish short - Hallie Berry like hair. You know like a boy. Like she said. If she had not called as she was coming in the door, it probably would have taken me awhile to figure out it was her. But I just have to say.....

Sissy! PUUUUULEASE!!! You do not look like a boy! And your hair is nothing close to a guy cut. It looks good!!! I think it is even longer than mine.

It all worked out since the restaurant brings your food out fast and it gave us more time to visit. And to add to the pot, my Mom and Dad had flown in from their vacation and were able to eat with us. Sissy got to meet two bloggers!

This may sound funny, but Sissy matches the aura that comes from her blog. She is even more funny, nice, and cool in person. And to me it felt like we were old friends, and I guess you could say that we are since we have been reading each others blogs for awhile. My Mom was asking Sissy questions and I was able to explain some things from what I had read in the past. I am glad that Sissy understands this whole blogging friendship thing, cause I could see it freaking someone out. She showed the girls a picture of Kiki and said she would bring her the next time she visits. Youngest even went out of her way to give Sissy a hug. It was so cute!!!!

Sissy had to get some studing done and the girls needed to get to bed. I hope the next time we get together we have more time to visit.

Thanks, Sissy, for going out of your way and making time to visit!

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I had a blast. Next time we'll make sure it's longer!

Posted by: Sissy | October 9, 2005 09:11 AM


Sounds like a good time was had by all. I've enjoyed all my blogger meet-ups so far. I wonder if people ever have bad ones? I guess they probably wouldn't post it, then.

Posted by: Becky | October 11, 2005 05:05 PM