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September 21, 2005

Friendly Bet and Banter

Sissy is starting the trash talk early. But I will add some interest to this smack. She thinks that Missouri will win against Texas. I have to disagree. But if Mizzou does win, I will put one of the logo from Sissy's post on my blog for a week. If Texas wins, well, I have my methods of posting on her blog. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

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you and I may be having words over the Rose Bowl :)

until then, I'm rooting for Sissy this week :)

Posted by: caltechgirl | September 21, 2005 06:56 PM


Thanks caltechgirl! :-)

Haha, I forgot you had admin rights! My team better do well! :-P

It's on!

Posted by: Sissy | September 21, 2005 09:23 PM